About Us

This blog chronicles the adventures on wheels of Larry, a native Iowan, who has lived in Iowa City, Iowa since 2002, and Anne, who has been here since 1987 but lived in Chicago and California before that. Larry is an avid bicyclist whose has taken a room in the house as a “bike shop” for bikes and assorted parts. Anne started with two bikes, an old Fuji she bought at University Surplus for $25 and no longer rides because she doesn’t like stem shifters and an old Trek road bike she took over from one of her daughters. In 2007, Anne and Larry tandemed RAGBRAI 2007 (Go Red Rocket!) and earlier in the season Larry introduced Anne to the wonders of Tour of the Mississippi River Valley (TOMRV), a two-day ride in Eastern Iowa that lays waste, once and for all, to the misguided opinion that Iowa is flat. Since then, they have ridden the Rocket in Ireland, rolled around the bike trails in Virginia, and attended mountain bike fests. Their backyard, which is under renovation, will include a system of bike trails. Both commute to work by bike.


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