Adventures off the bike

Most of the adventures here on the BikeWriting blog involve my jumping on one of my bicycles and riding away. I spent last week talking about bicycles at the National Women’s Bicycling Forum and the National Bike Summit, organized annually by the League of American Bicyclists. The agenda is always jam-packed and attracts both “roll models” and politicians. The agenda is always full.

The Summit’s last day is lobbying on the hill. The Iowa delegation met with Senators Harkin and Grassley, as well as Congressmen Loebsack and King. Larry and I were only able to attend the Harkin breakfast, but spent a fair amount of time talking bicycle and pedestrian safety and the current state of the trail system in Iowa.


Back in Iowa City, it was time to think about the Silent Auction and Hand-Built Bike Show, a benefit for the Youth Off-Road Riders program of the Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County. I’d been on the committee since last fall, mainly to do media relations. I snagged a few choice donations, such as “Irish I was riding my bike” T-shirts from Bike Rags and a beachside bag of goodies from Prairie Lights and me. This was the group’s first fund-raiser and, while we’d gotten lots of good reactions and donations, we weren’t sure how it would go. It was a huge success, about 150 people bid on $7000 worth of merchandise. A total of  $11,553 was raised for the program.



The top picture with the auctioneer is from Brittany McConnell. Emily Robnett blogged and posted a number of pictures of the evening.


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