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Harvest time at home

August 3, 2012

The lovely Audrey has been house, cat, and garden sitting for us. There’s nothing like August in Iowa, is there?



What in the world?

August 3, 2012

We’ve met lots of nice people on the road. We’ve crossed paths with a couple from Utah riding north to Seattle (I’ve learned this isn’t recommended because the prevailing winds run north-south. We met a dad and his two sons who are riding south to the Bay Area. Another group we’ve seen several times are a group of University of Illinois students who are on the last days of a 4000 miles ride to raise money for cancer research. You can read all about them here. Another man is walking pushing a huge canvas world ball to increase awareness of diabetes. He hands out fruit and healthy snacks people give him. Learn about him.

The World Guy was resting but Larry agreed to pose with the ball.


Cyclists get to eat a lot, as you know. Here are a gaggle of bikes (most are the Illini kids).