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We’re visiting Southern California for a bit of fam and a bit of biz for L and all vacay for A. Long Beach, in Orange County, is an old port city that’s gotten spiffed up. Riding borrowed Trek cruisers, we explored the town, rode along the beach, and made a major field trip to see the USS Iowa that had just come into port. It’s not open yet but we could see it.

Getting there was a trip-and-a-half: Long Beach bike lanes, bike trail along the LA river, so-called bike lanes in the industrial part of town, complete with semis hauling containers, some rough roads, funky old train tracks, etc. You get the pic; Welcome to industrial America. A motorist could get to the Iowa and the touristy stuff without seeing any of that. Just jump on the expressway and get off in San Pedro.

Thinking about San Pedro reminds me of the movie Chinatown. Doesn’t Jake have to go there in the middle of the night?

First the fam. This is Kevin, L’s oldest, and his wife, Doanh. They’re expecting their first baby at the end of June. Don’t they look good?


The about-to-be-first-time Granddad and me, the Bonus Grandma.


And now, A real bike lane!


The LA River trail.


The USS Iowa.


And a super-cute bike rack at the Long Beach Public Library.


Happy trails!



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