In the merry month of May

Yesterday, I posted to Facebook a favorite bicycling video in honor of National Bike Month. You can see it here. People for Bikes: If I ride

I bicycled to both jobs and home.

Last night, one of those special May thunderstorms rolled in—you know, the too-warm-to-be-spring number that “spawns” (storm chaser talk) big ass storms.

So, I took the bus to work. This is something I do, oh, a dozen or so times a year when the weather’s bad. Or, if I don’t feel like carrying a change of clothes to change into after riding through it. The bus stops around the corner from my house. I try to time my arrival at the stop with the arrival of the bus. Thanks to Bongo, all things are possible.

It’s easy as pie, boys and girls. Online,, or text the following message to 4-1411 ‘bongo <bus stop number>.’ You can find the number at your stop or look it up online.

See you on the road!

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