Birthday Day

So, it’s my birthday. And, I’m lucky to be able to celebrate it with friends in a warm, exotic place. (The only thing that’s missing is my kids. I miss you tons, guys!) This is the big 5-6 for me. I suppose I just have to keep the word “big” in front of all birthdays now. I started the day with a nice big bowl of “Quaker Larry,” oatmeal with fresh mango. Later we went to Centro to tour the catacombs at San Francisco Dominican priory.

The plaza was loud and hot and busy. Here is a picture of Larry and Kevin.

We left there quickly and went to Barranco, to a hole in the wall place called Cafe Tostado. Bow down before  lunch.

Worship before the platter of conejo con naranjas. We weren’t sure if the naranja referred to oranges that the rabbit was marinated in before it was pan fried or to the color of the fried sweet potatoes. That sort of discussion came after the three of us worked through the conejo, sweet potato, rice, and refried beans. Oh, and we had mushrooms marinated in oil as a starter (with roasted garlic and red peppers).

Kevin told us the story of the restaurant. During the ’80s and ’90s when Lima (actually a lot of Peru) was too dangerous for people to spend any time in public places, some of the local men would hang out at the house of the owner of the restaurant. He would cook for them and they had a safe place to socialize. What is now Cafe Tostado is the roofed over entry and garage of the house. Here I am with the owner for a special birthday picture.

That is pretty much the entire kitchen.

After that we had almost enough energy to stroll or waddle (stroddle?) around the area a bit. When we got back to the apartment, both Larry and I took naps. Kevin, being young and surf-obsessed, went surfing.

Now it’s about 9:30 and it’s birthday dinner time. As I type this, Kevin is preparing filet with asparagus and potatoes. We picked up sweet little desserts at a local bakery and for happy hour Kevin is making a local version of Pisco Sour.

All bow down.


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