Standing on ceremony, pt 2

When I last left you, Queridos, I was attempting to write about two pre-Columbian pyramids we’d visited here in Lima. The Internet, however, was in a dial-up mood (not really, since it was actually slower than that) and I gave up. It seems to be behaving today so we can finish looking at pictures.

As I wrote earlier, Huaca Pucllana (Subtitle: Templo de Adoradores del Mar) was built between 400 and 700 AD. Its hand-made adobe bricks are stood up vertically and packed with mud. The walls are put together in trapezoids for greater strength.

A second ruin that day was Huallamarca, which was built between 500 and 1450 AD by the Hualla people. It’s an interesting site where the archeologists have furnished a long ramp to the top for the visitors. Its construction is of good-sized rounded rocks with mud “glue” inbetween.

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