Standing on ceremony

Huaca Pucllana is the Quechua name used in the 16th century for a ceremonial center built by people from the Lima culture between 200 and 700 AD. The site has been studied and excavated since the early 1980s. The original site was about 20 hectares and is now 6. Before the municipality took over, the land was privately owned and was being knocked down and paved for houses and streets. A young woman was our English-speaking tour guide.

Here we are standing as high as we are allowed to go. There is a swanky restaurant at the entrance.

What’s cool about this pyramid is that it is built of walls of handmade adobe bricks laid vertically. The spaces inbetween the walls are filled in to make the next level up. The bricks are laid in a trapezoidal shape for greater strength in case of earthquake.

The upload is being cranky and so, to avoid my getting cranky, I’ll be back.

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