Catching up

It’s Thursday already and I’ve fallen behind on my reports. Please forgive me, friends. I’ll try to make it good today.

On Tuesday, Larry and I took a taxi to the Clinic where the technician (we arrived too late to see the surgeon) said that he was doing “excellently,” especially since it was just 14 hours post-op. We began to walk back from there, with your Trusty Blogger in possession of the map. Along the way we stopped at a restaurant called Punta Sal for ceviche and soup. We then meandered back towards San Isidro and the apartment on foot. Along the way we saw several neighborhoods, passed over the expressway, and through some parks. Here’s one that is near the San Isidro municipal building:

Sorry about the exposure.  I haven’t quite conquered my camera in sunny, overcast light.

While we were sitting we saw a gardener pass by with a bicycle that has been altered for cargo. Bicycles are welded onto all sorts of wheeled carts.

Just before sunset we walked along the oceanfront park, which has a bike path and all sorts of sports facilities, including an awesome skatepark. I shot this next picture through the bars of a wrought-iron fence that surrounds it. Seems like a perfect place for young males to blow off a little steam.

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