D Day plus one

Yesterday was the day scheduled for the Lasik surgery. There were, of course, interesting obstacles. Culture, language, medical tests, no problema. Test results slightly off due to fatigue or a real disorder, possible problem. Yesterday, Kevin met us at the eye clinic after we checked in at 1 for more tests. We waited for awhile, then Patient Larry (PL) and Translator Kevin (TK) went in for the tests, which came up with different (though improved) results from Friday’s tries. We then tromped up two floors (pisos) to consult with the doctor, who at first said that PL shouldn’t have the surgery but after further discussion said he’d do it that night. After leaving the Clinic TK spent a lot of time on the phone (remember payphones on street corners—they’re still here!!) with the IC Clinic to ask them to fax a consent for release of records to PL, which would then be sent back, and the results of the tests (which had just been re-taken that day and Friday) emailed to the doctor. After a fair amount of hoo-hah, TK and PL were told that it was “illegal” to fax a consent form out of the country. Riiiiiight. We briefly discussed their faxing it to one of our offices in the US and then prevailing upon someone to fax it along to somewhere (as yet undetermined) in Lima.

By this time it was 3:30 here and we said WTF and went to lunch. (It was lovely!)

By 5 pm we were back at the Clinica. For the next several hours, we went from piso to piso to: consult with the doctor, pay, talk to the finance guy, go back to the doctor and and get re-tested, pay, and pick up the post-surgery kit at the pharmacy. By this time it was past 8 pm and time for the procedure so we hopped into the clinic’s shuttle van to go to the surgery, which was located a few blocks away in a converted (an unmarked) former residence. PL was called in a little after 9 and walked out on his own steam about 9:45.

He has to return to the clinic this morning for a check-up but he was up before me this morning to make coffee and pancakes. He’s smiling.

They’re hard to see in the picture, but he has to wear protective plastic eye covers until he sees the doctor the first time and at night. He can’t read fine print yet and is supposed to stay away from anything that would make his eyes tired like TV or computers or reading, but he has been puttering around all morning without needing his glasses so I’d say the surgery was a success!

One more thing. By the time PL was called in for the surgery, TK and I were positively giddy with relief. I was desperate to take a picture of the waiting room with its not-lovely yellow pleather chairs but the room was full and it didn’t seem cool to be such a dork. Anyhow, by the end there were only a few of us left so TK kindly posed for me.

More later!

One Response to “D Day plus one”

  1. Dee Says:

    So . . . L, how many fingers am I holding up? Oh, wait I am wearing mittens. Hope you are looking good! Please try to relax today, okay?

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