An afternoon at the beach

Today’s adventure took your two intrepid Iowans to a beach south of Lima called Caballeros. It’s noted as a surfer beach and has two sets of surf. The right (as you look from the beach)  is “caballeros” and the left is “senoritas.”

Since it was 80-something degrees, we had no trouble just lying around under an umbrella.

We also ordered some ceviche and chicharron mixto.

We’ve now had ceviche two days in a row.

Larry and I alternated lazing around with dips in the ocean while Kevin and Doanh surfed.

One Response to “An afternoon at the beach”

  1. Dee Says:

    Ah, here yous are! The rest of yous look good too! Tell all about the food. Have you attempted the surf? Golly we miss you.

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