Courage Ride 2008

The Amish Harvest Tour to Cure Cancer, aka, the “Courage Ride,” is a well-supported bike ride through the rolling hills of Amish country. It also serves to honor those folks who have fought cancer and to raise awareness of the need to support cancer research at the UI’s Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. There are routes of varying lengths and the most awesome rest stops ever with food and music and great folks to man (and woman!) them.  Our local bike group, BIC, is a cosponsor and many of our members spend countless hours planning and running it. The Courage Ride website has some wonderful stories of people, including Seth Bailey, a young man who died after fighting cancer, and my young friend Joe, who’s back playing baseball after fighting Ewing’s sarcoma.  Check it out and plan to ride next year:

Larry and I had originally planned to ride the century. But, after our biking tailgate the night before (and battling some serious sleep deprivation the week before) we didn’t actually get to Hills to officially start the ride until 11:30 that morning! (We did tandem the 12 miles from IC to HIlls, okay?)  We were the last two riders to hit the road. The first sag stop, in Frytown, had closed before we even got started, but we caught up with lots of riders at the lunch stop in Wellman.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day. This is why we live here. (Unfortuately, my pix, some of which you’ll see below, didn’t turn out very well. I have taken the liberty of borrowing images from BIC’s webmaster, Nick Maddix.)

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