Bikegate 2008

We have tailgated by bike at Hawkeye games. How many people do you know tailgate at high school football games? We’ve now done it twice—at two different schools! Larry bought a Little Smoky Weber grill and fashioned a crate for it to ride on the back rack of a bike. It’s a bit “clanky” (as opposed to clunky), but it works! Our first Bikegate was at City High for the 8/29/08 game against Dubuque Wahlert. We invited Brenda and Art Nations (Anne’s former neighbors and Brenda is Larry’s current coworker) to enjoy some BBQ and grilled veggies. We set up shop under a tree near the “jock lot.” A group of City High kids were enjoying their own tailgate across the way. The second time was for the Battle for the Boot, City vs West High. We met up with our friends Gordon and Sarah and staked out a spot under some trees at the side of the school property. We cooked turkey for sandwiches (like Tender Tom’s RAGBRAI fare) and added some veggie kabobs. Gordon and Sarah brought drinks, artichoke hummus with chips, and patient-made strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert. Yum! Although it’s illegal to have open flames on school grounds (as we found out after we’d extinguished out coals), we enjoyed a lovely dinner under the trees. Then, we went into the game to watch the Little Hawks whoop the Trojans 21-7. Go Little Hawks!


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