With Little Farm on RAGBRAI 2008

Larry and I met up with RAGBRAI on Thursday evening at the overnight town closest to us, North Liberty. We found friends at the Bicyclists of Iowa City campsite, Gordon and “Cat.” They were tired and cold from a long rainy ride fighting headwinds. We were pretty fresh, after normal work days and a pleasant ride from Iowa City. After eating at the City High Boosters Club booth (Go, Little Hawks!) we set off in search of the Little Farm folks, catching up with them on a farm just outside of Solon. After setting up our tent and spending a nice evening around the bonfire we set the alarm for O-Dark Thirty. Larry got up first to help Herb start boiling the water and I made it up a bit later and tried to make myself useful keeping the dairy-sugar table clean and filled, the garbage bags changed and ground coffee weighed for Geoffrey, our Brewmaster. The Little Farm coffee is a big favorite with RAGBRAI coffee drinkers and Geoffrey, Herb, Nate and Celestial have the system down. Larry and I just tried to be of service to these folks who were pretty damn tired by this point. After most of the riders had passed, Larry and I broke camp, loaded up the Rocket and followed the pack. Well, partway, LOL. The route went through Solon, north to Mt. Vernon and Martelle and looping south to the next overnight town, Tipton. We rode to the Sutliff, had lunch by the Cedar River and went off-route on a gravel road that got us east of Cedar Bluff before we jumped back on the route.

In Tipton we found the BIC campsite, visited with friends, swam in Tipton’s new Aquatic Center (if you’re ever there, we recommend making trouble on the Lazy River) and ate a three-course RAGBRAI dinner of sweet corn, sandwiches and pie and homemade ice cream. Heading out before dark we got to the Little Farm’s spot (which they share with K&K bagels, btw) just outside of Bennett.

Saturday was another busy morning making coffee.

We set out about noon for the River, stopping often along the way and arriving about six.

Back in Iowa City Sunday morning, we had brunch with Barry and Gordon, who were also on the ride, and Gordon’s wife, Sarah, who had stayed home to nurse a newly adopted rescue dog.


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