Rudin’s Retirement Ride

June 28-29 was the bike ride to celebrate the retirement of Steve Rudin, Bicyclists of Iowa City’s very own Prez. Larry and I loaded up the Rocket’s panniers and headed off to meet the group at the Prez and Mrs. Prez’ house in North Liberty. Normally, it’s a pretty easy shot up there on Dubuque St., but with Dubuque St. still closed due to the flood, we took an alternate route via Linder Rd., which runs parallel on the north side of I-80. We came out farther up on Dubuque St. and we headed north to North Liberty. It was a beautiful day, not too warm, sunny, but very, very windy. (“Headwinds, my favorite,” says Anne.) Still, we got there in time for pizza with the gang!

It was a fun day, even with the head- and cross-winds. The party continued at the Dawg House in Oxford where the Boyz had a good time smooching the moose. On the way out of Oxford, Larry and I stopped off at the Methodist Church for their awesome ice cream social, which also included a choice of sloppy joe or turkey sandwich, dessert, drink and ice cream!

The party continued at Kent Park with brats, salads, dessert and even s’mores for the hardcore later that night!

Sunday morning, those of us still standing headed to IHOP for breakfast. In spite of the clouds, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

That is, until….

… Anne and Larry had taco for breakfast! A passing stranger (from Oxford, no less) gave us a ride to the restaurant.

Never fear, Dear Readers, the Rocket lives on. Plans are afoot to ride the last two days of RAGBRAI in tandem!

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