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With Little Farm on RAGBRAI 2008

July 28, 2008

Larry and I met up with RAGBRAI on Thursday evening at the overnight town closest to us, North Liberty. We found friends at the Bicyclists of Iowa City campsite, Gordon and “Cat.” They were tired and cold from a long rainy ride fighting headwinds. We were pretty fresh, after normal work days and a pleasant ride from Iowa City. After eating at the City High Boosters Club booth (Go, Little Hawks!) we set off in search of the Little Farm folks, catching up with them on a farm just outside of Solon. After setting up our tent and spending a nice evening around the bonfire we set the alarm for O-Dark Thirty. Larry got up first to help Herb start boiling the water and I made it up a bit later and tried to make myself useful keeping the dairy-sugar table clean and filled, the garbage bags changed and ground coffee weighed for Geoffrey, our Brewmaster. The Little Farm coffee is a big favorite with RAGBRAI coffee drinkers and Geoffrey, Herb, Nate and Celestial have the system down. Larry and I just tried to be of service to these folks who were pretty damn tired by this point. After most of the riders had passed, Larry and I broke camp, loaded up the Rocket and followed the pack. Well, partway, LOL. The route went through Solon, north to Mt. Vernon and Martelle and looping south to the next overnight town, Tipton. We rode to the Sutliff, had lunch by the Cedar River and went off-route on a gravel road that got us east of Cedar Bluff before we jumped back on the route.

In Tipton we found the BIC campsite, visited with friends, swam in Tipton’s new Aquatic Center (if you’re ever there, we recommend making trouble on the Lazy River) and ate a three-course RAGBRAI dinner of sweet corn, sandwiches and pie and homemade ice cream. Heading out before dark we got to the Little Farm’s spot (which they share with K&K bagels, btw) just outside of Bennett.

Saturday was another busy morning making coffee.

We set out about noon for the River, stopping often along the way and arriving about six.

Back in Iowa City Sunday morning, we had brunch with Barry and Gordon, who were also on the ride, and Gordon’s wife, Sarah, who had stayed home to nurse a newly adopted rescue dog.


RAGBRAI!! Coffee!!

July 24, 2008

Larry and I are hooking up with the RAGBRAI party on wheels up in North Liberty tonight. Actually, we’re going to camp with the Peace Coffee folks from Little Farm! I figure they’ll be somewhere around Solon.

They set up shop a few miles from the overnight town, start brewing about 4 am and spend the morning caffeinating the masses before moving on to the next spot. They share the site with two women who sell muffins and Gatorade, so as to round out your breakfast of champions.

After helping brew and sell coffee we’ll catch up with the RAGBRAI-ers somewhere on the road to Tipton, Friday’s overnight town. Saturday, it’ll be on to LeClaire.

Here are some URLs of interest.

Little Farm:


I almost forgot! We’ll be riding the Rocket which has a lovely new front wheel.

I’ll post pix next time.

If you can’t bike…

July 11, 2008

I hope you dance

Rudin’s Retirement Ride

July 9, 2008

June 28-29 was the bike ride to celebrate the retirement of Steve Rudin, Bicyclists of Iowa City’s very own Prez. Larry and I loaded up the Rocket’s panniers and headed off to meet the group at the Prez and Mrs. Prez’ house in North Liberty. Normally, it’s a pretty easy shot up there on Dubuque St., but with Dubuque St. still closed due to the flood, we took an alternate route via Linder Rd., which runs parallel on the north side of I-80. We came out farther up on Dubuque St. and we headed north to North Liberty. It was a beautiful day, not too warm, sunny, but very, very windy. (“Headwinds, my favorite,” says Anne.) Still, we got there in time for pizza with the gang!

It was a fun day, even with the head- and cross-winds. The party continued at the Dawg House in Oxford where the Boyz had a good time smooching the moose. On the way out of Oxford, Larry and I stopped off at the Methodist Church for their awesome ice cream social, which also included a choice of sloppy joe or turkey sandwich, dessert, drink and ice cream!

The party continued at Kent Park with brats, salads, dessert and even s’mores for the hardcore later that night!

Sunday morning, those of us still standing headed to IHOP for breakfast. In spite of the clouds, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

That is, until….

… Anne and Larry had taco for breakfast! A passing stranger (from Oxford, no less) gave us a ride to the restaurant.

Never fear, Dear Readers, the Rocket lives on. Plans are afoot to ride the last two days of RAGBRAI in tandem!

TOMRV, weather or not

July 9, 2008

I just realized that I forgot to post about the Tour of the Mississippi River Valley 2008 ride. This is how it went: It rained. A lot. Hurtling downhill during Sunday morning’s deluge, even before the first sag stop, Dr. Goldfinger and I pulled off at a gas station mini mart in St. Catherine’s. Along with about 50 other sopping wet TOMRV-ers. Most of whom were on the phone making arrangements to get picked up. One “severe thunderstorm warning” later Gordon and I were back on the road. Larry the Madman had soldiered on and arrived in Preston as we were leaving Princeton (where we’d stopped for lunch to wait out Yet Another Storm). He came back and picked us up. Didn’t take one picture.