Bike to Work Week

We’re smack dab in the middle of Bike to Work Week. As always, the week starts with a pancake breakfast at College Green Park. I cancelled my Dog Walk and instead rolled out of bed to see if I could help with the breakfast. It’s hard for me to get psyched about bike riding because the weather’s still unseasonably cool. Yesterday’s stormy forecast and the fact I had to take the car in easily talked me out of hopping on the old Trek. Today, though, there are no excuses. The forecast today is for sun and, best of all, it’s the Mayor’s Ride! At 5:15 bikers meet near the IC City Hall and, led by our mayor, ride to the Coralville Coop where we get dinner and music! Last year’s mayor’s ride was my second-ever tandem ride and the ease with which we slipped up the Foster Road hill convinced me we were RAGBRAI material!

Here’s a link to Iowa CIty’s Bike to Work Week. Love the logo…


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