On Inishmore

April 16-17: Arriving on the late afternoon ferry from Rossaveel, we toddled around the picturesque bay to the Kilronen Hostel, which you can see from the pier. The Italian manager was very sweet and said that since he didn’t mix girls and boys we could rent a room above the kitchen (2 bunks and a single) with the bath right down the hall (only shared with one other room). We’d heard a complaint about late-night noise filtering up from the kitchen but Mario assured us that he locked up the kitchen at 11:30 pm and we weren’t directly over the kitchen. The wind howled all night but we were quite cozy thanks to a space heater from Mario.

We were too exhausted and it was too late to do anything but look for a place to eat dinner. Ended up a the lovely place, the name of which I forgot to write down in my book! Anne had fish pie and Larry enjoyed fajitas. Then it was back to the room to sleep off the day!

The next day we found out that the morning ferry to Doolin had been cancelled but that the 4:30 was still on. Still windy, we tootled around the island a bit. Ate lunch on the north side of the island, protected by the ubiquitous stone walls! We also spent a fair amount of time at a small cafe drinking coffee and warming up with homemade soup.

Returning that afternoon to the tourist office, we discovered that the second (and final) ferry to Doolin was cancelled. Since we were flying out the next day, we really needed to get to the mainland. Turning to Larry, I said in my best accent, “Mr. Fitzpatrick, we’re foooked!” That got a laugh and then the clerk told us that there was still a ferry to Rossaveal that afternoon. So, rather than sailing to Doolin, taking a side trip to check out the Cliffs of Moher and then riding to Ennis, we sailed back to Rossaveal and took the bus to Galway.

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