Headin’ Home

April 17-18: When Dear Readers last left us, we had just taken the ferry to Rossaveal, instead of Doolin. North wind was blowing strong and Anne was still exhausted from the day before! Caught a bus to Galway, which let us off at the bus station on Eyre Square. Larry found the lovely Skeffington Arms Hotel for our last night. The Red Rocket got its own room and we were able to make arrangements for an early breakfast so we could catch the 8:10 am bus to Shannon Airport. We returned to McDonagh’s on Quay Street (“Key”) for fish. Here we’ve trashed that nice room.

Still, the next morning we got to Shannon in plenty of time,

along the way saw my namesake business at a Spar grocery store,

and packed up the bike for home. Ready for take-off, Captain!

That’s an account of Anne and Larry’s Excellent Bike Tour. Stay tuned for our next adventure–we’re thinking of tandeming again, this time on the Tour of the Mississippi River Valley! Check it out: http://www.qcbc.org/tomrv/

See you on the road!!


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