Letterfrack Day 2

April 15: Another full day in Letterfrack–or thereabouts! We packed up some food in one pannier and rode to Cleggen to take the ferry to Inish Bofin, a small, undeveloped island off the Connemara coast. The day was perfect, sunny and (almost) warm. We rode the 11K to Cleggen easily, passing farms and saw a new foal with his mama in the field. We loaded up the bike on the old ferry and sailed away! We landed about 30 minutes later in a sort of grubby but very busy port “town.”

There was construction going on to build a new seawall and there was a a shiny new hotel up the road. Since we were there in the off season it’s hard to gauge whether the island was a tourist attraction or the residents are optimists.

This next shot shows how steep a couple of the roads were. This is straight up from the ferry and Larry suspects it was a horsecart path that just got paved over.

Following us off the ferry was a group of woman from Wisconsin (several generations of the same family) one of whom was heard to exclaim almost immediately, “When we get back I’m going to kill the guy in the hotel for recommending this place.”

Here’s what we found on the other side of the island. Wow!

There was a beach.

And a baby lamb was keeping an eye on us.

On the way back to the hostel we stopped at the Bard’s Den for fish and chips.

Tomorrow’s post: A Day That Shall Live in Infamy!

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