Lovely Letterfrack

April 14: After our first breakfast at the Old Monastery Hostel, Anne went back to bed to read and nap while Larry made friends and talked bikes with other guests. I roused in the late morning for a hike up Diamond Hill, one of the 12 bens, and moderately high at 512k. The path up is one-way and really well-maintained. We saw wildflowers, waterfalls, and fantastic views.

After a bite to eat at the hostel we took off on our bike for a ride to the Renvyle Strand, a peninsula that includes Tulley Mountain. Ignoring the “Connemara Loop” signs we decided, at Anne’s suggestion, to “ride around” the mountain on what turned out to be the world’s longest sheep ranch driveway. It was a bit harrowing at times, a couple of times we felt the back wheel spinning on gravel, but, the cable splice held! Heading back to the hostel, Larry cooked a lovely dish of smoked haddock, broccoli, onions and pasta in the hostel kitchen.


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