Cong’s Quiet Man

April 12: After Googling a straightforward, 63K, route from Galway to Cong, our Captain instead steered a route west along the coast (Salthill to Spiddel), north to Maum, and east to Cong. Admittedly a lovely, scenic ride with view and hills (and hail!), it added another 30K or so to the day. The road north from Spiddel was especially interesting, lots of rugged ranches, mountains, sheep on the road. Got to Cong fairly late and stopped at Danaher’s Pub for fish and chips before checking into the Cong Hostel. Fans of The Quiet Man (John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara) will recognize Danaher as the name of her brother in the movie. Cong was the closest we came to a touristy area. Luckily, it was before the high season and few visitors around. The hostel was only okay; we paid extra for an “en suite” private room but because it was so small we just assumed the showers were downstairs in the community WC. Turns out there was a shower but we could only get cold water. Paid one euro for an almost six minute shower downstairs.

On the road to Maum


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