After a 12-hour sleep-like-the-dead night’s sleep and the trip back to Ennis for a new gear cable, we returned to Corrofin to pick up our luggage at the hostel, eat some more and hit the road. The route took us through the Burren, a hilly, rocky path. Beautiful countryside, but hilly. Stopped to eat at a tea shop in Ballyvaughan, where one of the lady proprietors told us of a loooong hill coming up. Here Anne is just below the crest.

Still, it was lovely, new spring grass, grazing cows and sheep, little traffic. However, at the end of the bay, heading west around the curve toward Galway we hit a “dual carriageway,” a charming name for a four-lane highway, Ireland’s version of a super-highway. There was space for us on the side so we soldiered on through the noise. At regular intervals there were gas stations (Spar, mostly) which we discovered had good coffee, clean toilets and were a nice place to stop. Got to Galway in the early evening (not dark yet), got lost, (your navigator got confused easily) but found the Prague B&B on Fr. Griffin road run by Charlie and Mary Fitzpatrick.

Of all the cool things about bike touring, one of the best is how often you have to eat! Keeping your body fueled is as important as maintaining the bike and sleeping. Here’s my food diary for April 10:

Breakfast: toast and coffee, Corrofin hostel

10-ish: Muffins and coffee, Ennis tea shop

Lunch: Canned salmon, soda bread, coffee, Corrofin hostel

Afternoon: Vegetable soup, coffee (Larry had porridge), Balluvaughan tea room

Afternoon: Bread and cheese, bayside, Kinvarra

Almost Galway: Chocolate, latte, shared apple tart, Spar, almost Galway

Dinner: Salmon and veggies (Larry had seafood pasta), McDonough’s, Galway


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