Biking, eating and sleeping

I realized that when I sent out our blog URL before the trip that there was a good chance I’d have trouble keeping up with the trip electronically. I managed to keep a small journal with the highlights and we took lots of pictures, but we had limited access to computers and no will to blog as we went along. Therefore, I’ll try to write about our trip after the fact, in the full glow of a life back home in Iowa City, sleeping in my own bed, parenting, and extracurriculars.

April 8: Our flight left Chicago O’Hare Airport in the early evening. We had very little trouble checking in the bike and panniers once the clerk read over our printout of Aer Lingus’ Web page on bicycles. The flight was uneventful, though long. Uncharacteristically, I had abstained from coffee from late morning and slept much of the flight, even the 30 minute hop from Dublin to Shannon. Larry, of course, can sleep anywhere, anytime. With travel time and time zones we arrived six hours ahead of ourselves, after breakfast, making our first day of travel….

April 9: After coffee and scones, we started putting the bike back together. Well, Larry put it back together and I tried to help. There was a lot to do but we had it done by the late morning. Unfortunately, I chickened out of riding away from the airport and asked if we could at least take a bus to Ennis and bike from there. Of course, we missed the hourly bus and had to wait for the next one.

We changed into bike togs at the Ennis bus station and started the 30 kilometers to Corrofin. About, oh, 27 k into it, as we were turning onto a side road to see an ancient tower, the gear cable snapped. Larry used cable ties to hold the derailleur into place and we rode on. Corrofin is too small to have its own bike shop so the next morning we road back to Ennis!


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