Training, too, in San Diego

Mama’s BakeryOn the plane back from a work meeting in San Diego (which was lovely and sunny for the most part) it dawned on me just how quickly our Ireland trip is coming up! We’ll be sitting on yet another plane in less than a week, this time flying Aer Lingus nonstop Chicago to Shannon.

However, the downside of travel is that it’s hard to get exercise. The week before we left for California Larry had been regularly riding his bike to work and around town. All I can claim are a couple of after work jaunts. In San Diego you’d think we would have rented bikes at our hotel. Or at least thrown one of the rickshaw drivers into the back so one of us could pedal. Instead we did lots of walking and sight-seeing, which I actually prefer to do after being cooped up inside listening to speakers. I also like to check out the local food.

On a sunny Friday we walked from the hotel to the far northeast corner of Balboa Park in search of San Diego’s only disc golf course. We found it, but didn’t have time to do more than watch the guys at a few holes because we were due back at the Prado restaurant (in the heart of Balboa Park) for a reception. After an awesome taco dinner we could have been hard asses and walked back to the hotel, but as we were leaving there was this lovely charter bus just waiting to take us right back to the hotel! Rough total for the day: 6 miles.

Saturday we made another trip to Balboa Park, first taking public transit up to Mama’s Bakery an awesome Lebanese Restaurant that’s tucked into a carport off a busy street (4237 Alabama St., After a great lunch that had some terrific people-watching, we headed over to the disc golf course, paid our fees, and found the first tee. (Anne was caddy….her throwing technique needs some private practice.) We played a few holes before the crowds got to us (nice folks, but that place is busy), so we walked east of the park and grabbed another bus downtown. Day’s total: 2 miles.

For dinner that night we decided to try a fish taco place in a neighborhood north of Old Town. Walking downtown we hopped on a bus and transferred to a second bus that left us off a half block away. When I asked about the street, the driver said, “Oh, the fish place?” That would be: Bay Park Fish Co., 4121 Ashton St.

We had ceviche and crab cakes and fish tacos made with mahi mahi. Fish tacos are considered a signature San Diego dish and are made with fresh cabbage. We were so hungry that we just hung our heads down and ate. Coming back outside to the bus stop at about 9:45 pm, it only took a few minutes before we realized that the buses on that line quit running about a half hour before. We walked to the Linda Vista trolley stop, which we took to Old Town and transferred to a downtown trolley. Evening total: 2 miles.

Sunday, we took the water taxi to Coronado Island where we walked across to the Pacific side. We walked on the beach, refilled our coffee mugs several times and after walking back across the island finally sat down to eat Greek food at the ferry landing. Day’s total: 2.2 miles across island and back plus walking around.


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