Training, or the lack thereof

As Dear Reader has seen, it’s been a hard winter here in the heart of the Midwest. My bicycle has been sleeping in the garage since mid-November. I tried to keep in shape with regular swimming and finally set up a trainer with my Fuji downstairs in the family room. Since I watch very little TV that’s been hit or miss (that and there seem to be piles of teenage boys who’ve taken over the room to play Halo this Spring Break).

(I promise I’m going to do at least 30 minutes tonight!)

Last Sunday, Larry finished working on the Red Rocket and we went for a spin. Since the worst of our winter seems to be over the temp here is roughly that of Galway/Western Ireland (in the 40s) so we tried to dress for that kind of weather. Layers! I wore biking shorts and running tights, a jersey, fleece and windbreaker. Oh, and I wore polyprophylene gloves under my claw gloves. Larry was dressed roughly the same, except his hands stay warmer so he just wore biking gloves. I kept pulling my headband off and on. It keeps the ears warm but stifles hearing. Also the helmet doesn’t fit right. Anyhow, we had a nice ride out to Coral Ridge Mall where we bought more biking/trip clothes, made a detour to fill our to-go coffee mugs and back to Iowa City.

Here’s a picture of us on the Red Rocket in warmer times….


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