Game’s on!

Larry has been better than I about searching for flights to Ireland. We’d been watching the aer lingus site and had settled on the “pretty good” fares in this day and age of high fuel costs, security, etc. That was $206 each way which became $246 before we actually got the tickets purchased. Oh, well, it’s still a good deal as we’ll be flying nonstop from O’Hare to Shannon.

Our travel dates are: April 8-18.

Time to hit the guidebooks. Larry’s already looking at hostels.

After the last week, we’re really really really looking forward to this trip.

Can you blame us?

February 6, 2008


3 Responses to “Game’s on!”

  1. Anne R. Says:

    Congrats on streamlining the comments process! And on the crazy cheap airfares!

  2. Vicki D Says:

    THIS April???
    That’s crazy soon!

  3. Sara Says:

    Those airfares are amazing. And all this work just so I could ask about sex.

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