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A lot to think about

November 13, 2007

While I’m proud of being of half-Irish descent, I know very little about my forebears. (The other side is German and Scots-Irish so I guess I’m a little more than a half!) Larry, on the other hand, has the start of a family tree that shows he is pure Irish descent. He even knows what part of Ireland they hail from! Now, I know I’ve got some piece of paper from Grandmother Pansy (yes, her real name) somewhere….

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Greetings from Iowa!

November 9, 2007

Anne’s first time on the Red Rocket, summer 2007 In doing research for a bike trip to Ireland next year some of the best information has come from blogs. I just thought it would be fun for family and friends to keep up with the excellent adventures of Anne and Larry.

We’ve decided on the destination (Ireland), but not the routes (Fly into Dublin, visit Lexi in Galway). We’re also discussing bikes. Do we take mountain bikes (Anne would have to buy one)? Touring bikes? How about the tandem?